Diwali Gift Box – for art lovers


Introducing our Diwali Gift Box, a meticulously crafted offering designed to infuse your loved ones’ celebrations with warmth, elegance, and a dash of indulgence. This customizable gift box encompasses a harmonious blend of handpicked items, all thoughtfully selected to make their Diwali truly special.

Inside the Diwali Bliss Gift Box:

  1. Set of 2 Blue/Green Mugs with Matching Platter: Elevate their tea or coffee experience with this delightful set of two microwave-safe and light-weight mugs in tranquil shades of blue and green. These mugs come complete with a matching platter, perfect for serving their favorite snacks or adding a touch of elegance to their Diwali table.
  2. Kalamkari Leather Hand painted Lamp: Illuminate their home with the artistry and culture of India. Our handcrafted Kalamkari leather lamp is a true masterpiece, meticulously hand-painted in Andhra Pradesh, India with intricate designs. It not only adds a warm, inviting glow to their space but also serves as a captivating work of art that pays homage to tradition and creativity.
  3. Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate: Encourage sweet indulgence with a delectable Dairy Milk Silk chocolate bar. The velvety smoothness of this iconic treat is a delightful addition to their Diwali celebrations, making it even more memorable.
  4. Two Rose Scented Candles: Create an atmosphere of serenity and love with two fragrant rose-scented candles. As their sweet aroma fills the air, these candles add a touch of romance and elegance to their Diwali festivities.
  5. Elegant Customizable Gift Box: Our Diwali Gift Box is presented in a tastefully designed, reusable gift box that embodies the essence of the festival. You have the flexibility to choose their preferred lamp design and mug/platter set from our selection, ensuring that every element of the gift box reflects their unique taste.

Customization Options:

  • Lamp Choice: Select from a range of Kalamkari leather lamp designs, each one a testament to Indian craftsmanship and artistic expression.
  • Mug and Platter Set: Choose from a variety of color combinations and patterns to create a personalized touch that resonates with the recipient’s style.

The Diwali Gift Box is more than just a gift; it’s a heartfelt gesture that combines tradition, artistry, and modern convenience. It allows you to convey your warmest Diwali wishes with a touch of customization, making it a truly personal and memorable gift. Share the joy of the festival with our Diwali Gift Box, a celebration of culture, warmth, and togetherness.

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